Quality methods

Needs and demands

We understand that no customer is alike and most customers have their own special wishes for quality assurance. These requirements are the reasons for us to adopt all our customers demands when it comes to quality assurance.

Current inspection

Our operators are the first stage of inspection meaning that every operator in the process is making an appropriate check of prior operation before adding further work and value into potential fault items. This process has resulted in a outstanding performance.

Striving for constant improvement

Even we have a great quality performance, we believe that there is always space for improvement and therefore we are constantly investing in training and new technology.

We proudly support the growth of America and offer fully or partly "made in USA" according to our customers requirements.


Proud member of WHMA. 

Visual and electrical test

Our Quality department executes various quality checks according to customer's demand. Complex harnesses require as well electrical test and visual tests.


If our customers are not able to define an acceptable quality level, then we are offering using AQL system with inspection level II and 2,5 for volume production.